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High-bandwidth diversity and reduced network downtime with Fixed Wireless
Radio-wave communication has been around for years. But what doesn't get old is the Fixed Wireless proven reliability, scalability, and speed. With Fixed Wireless you harness the performance of other enterprise solutions at budget friendly prices. Each installation is custom-built according to the unique signal-path conditions at your location. Even the weather is accounted for. With its superior technology, you'd think enterprise organizations would be chomping at the bit to adopt and expand their Fixed Wireless infrastructure. But many companies still don't know the facts.

What Is Fixed Wireless And How Does It Work?

What Fixed Wireless?
Fixed Wireless internet is a proven method of business connectivity that can provide your company's location with broadband internet access without the use of wires, copper cables, or optical fiber. Fixed Wireless is a microwave-based technology that allows you to send and receive high-speed data between two fixed sites or locations. It is not mobile technology and should not be confused with it. Nor is it Wi-Fi where bandwidth is shared on a "one to many" basis.

How Fixed Wireless Works.
Fixed wireless relies on radio-communication services to transmit signals through the air using a microwave platform instead of wires, copper cables, or optical fiber to connect customers to a point of presence (PoP) providing high-performance bandwidth speeds that range from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps. This provides point-to-point access to single or multiple locations through microwave waves and is an excellent alternative to leasing fiber or traditional copper services. Unlike satellite, these signals have much lower latency and are not as affected by inclement weather which allows providers to offer industry leading service level agreements (SLAs) boasting 99.999% uptime. Fixed wireless is also easily scalable for temporary needs.
How Fixed Wireless Works
How Fixed Wireless Works
Benefits Of Fixed Wireless
Fixed Wireless technology isn't new.
Reliability And Uptime Guarantee
Virtually eliminate downtime with 99.999% reliability and diverse last mile access when coupled with a diversity scheme. Fixed Wireless bypasses traditional last mile wires access to avoid outages due to backhoes and pole hits. Each Fixed Wireless system is engineered to withstand regional environmental factors to avoid outages due to rainfall.
Fixed Wireless is equally as fast as other wireline solutions. Fixed Wireless offers a dedicated bandwidth which means latency is short and speeds are fast. Symmetrical high-speed offering (with speeds up to 10 Gbps) is optimized for enterprise grade applications including voice, video, and cloud.
Physical Diversity
Protect your network from wireline outages and get more redundancy vs. fiber, copper, coax or cable
Business Continuity
Ensure consistent and prioritized performance for critical customer experience-enhancing apps.
Fully Managed
Eliminate upfront Capex and free valuable IT resources with a fully managed and monitored solution
Quick Implementation
Typically fast installation free from trenching , construction, and no waiting for fiber buildout. In addition, rooftop installs avoid long permit waits or underground buildouts.
Flexibility And Scalability
With options from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps, service can be customized and scaled to match network architecture and application needs and used as a primary or redundant connection.
The Above Benefits May Not Apply To Rural Fixed Wireless
Rural Fixed Wireless For Small Business
Delivers high-speed internet service to eligible rural small businesses through a fixed outdoor antenna and indoor Wi-Fi router. The antenna receives the high-speed wireless network signals, just like your smartphone, in areas where traditional internet services is unavailable. Fixed Wireless internet service is designed for individual business locations, so it provides a large data cap and very competitive rates when compared to other rural internet service options. With typical download speeds of 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps, your employees will be able to surf the web faster, stream video and other media, quickly download files and interact with rich web apps and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. Each router can connect multiple devices via Wi-Fi at the same time—providing the coverage and scalability you need to empower your employees with the tools and information they need to work in today's mobile business environment.
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