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Evolve IP And Microsoft Teams - Better Together
This is the enterprise communications solution that Microsoft Teams customers have been looking for.
What is Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams?
Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based integration between Evolve IP and Microsoft Teams, providing enterprise-grade telephony and global PSTN connectivity to customers that want to use Microsoft Teams as their sole collaboration interface.

How Does Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams Work?

With a global infrastructure leveraging Microsoft Direct Routing certified SBCs across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams connects to a customer's Microsoft tenant, providing that customer with PSTN connectivity in 38+ different countries worldwide.

Evolve IP Voice for Teams has two core components:

  • An orchestration layer that maps Microsoft Teams users to Evolve IP Users and configures the Microsoft Teams tenant on behalf of the customer. The orchestration component abstracts the customer from needing to manage/setup Direct Routing/SBCs, policies etc. within Microsoft Teams

  • The Telephony component processes the calling between Evolve IP and Teams and between Teams and PSTN. This component leverages Microsoft Direct Routing certified SBCs across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams connected to a customer's Microsoft tenant.
End users can retain their preferred Teams interface - desktop app, web app or the mobile app to make and receive calls seamlessly via the Evolve IP infrastructure with no other app to download, install or manage. They can centralize all their collaboration interactions - internal and external in the Teams apps.
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Why Choose Evolve IP?
In one word? Productivity! Adding Evolve IP's enterprise PBX with PSTN dial tone (a.k.a direct routing), to Microsoft Teams enables businesses to take their team productivity and user experience to a new level. We do this with proprietary IP that enables us to continuously add unique applications and features no other provider has.

Small businesses, mid-market and enterprise organizations have different needs…needs that cannot be met by Microsoft Phone system alone. Evolve IP delivers a native integrated platform integration that optimizes end-user experience vs. a bot, an app or a third-party software that is cumbersome and less intuitive.

Perhaps most importantly, when we Evolve Your Teams® your business gains access to Evolve IP's integrated cloud solutions such as contact center, identity and access management, unified workspaces (DaaS) and more.

Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams integrates telephony natively with other applications and business applications such as CRM apps. Deployed in the cloud, it removes the key obstacles associated with implementation of 3rd party communications solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Teams:

  1. CIOs and IT managers no longer need to manage a telecom infrastructure on premise which typically requires infrastructure investments in SBCs and other equipment and networking services along with the retention of specialized resources to implement and manage. Total cost of ownership is significantly cheaper for customers because Evolve IP owns and manages all of the infrastructure associated with connecting to the customer's Microsoft Phone System tenant
  2. The total cost of ownership using Evolve IP's cloud communications service is demonstrably lower compared to more expensive dedicated or shared managed service providers that also offer Direct Routing integrations with Microsoft Teams.
  3. Evolve IP offers centralized management and administration of an organization's entire user base, including employees that are Microsoft Teams members. In the case of Microsoft Teams members, administrators can sync MS Teams/Evolve IP users through an integration with Active Directory that simplifies moves, adds and changes and also supports single sign-on capabilities so MS Teams users are automatically authenticated and logged in to their Evolve IP communications account when the log into Teams.
  4. Because this is a Direct Routing integration, no bots need to be downloaded and added to the MS Teams bot framework and no client or browser plugins are required either. Users can benefit from the exact same user experience when making calls, either from the desktop app, the mobile app or the browser app. This eliminates the need for any special retraining of existing MS Teams users as well as any modification to onboarding programs for new users.
    Key Features Of a Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams Solution
    Get access to all Teams features and Enterprise Phone System features including:
    Evolve IP Positioning Against Competitor Solutions
    Evolve IP Voice for Microsoft Teams is highly differentiated from other Direct Routing vendor solutions because it is the only truly single vendor solution with an intuitive centralized management interface for adding Microsoft Teams users. Unlike competitor solutions, there is no need for IT to create complicated PowerShell scripts and there are no SBC or SIP trunking requirements. End users have a native Teams user experience across their devices without any additional training or the need to install third party apps, bots or browser extensions. In contrast to other vendors, Evolve IP Voice for Teams includes a native contact center, end-to-end analytics, out-of-the box CRM and Business Apps integrations and SLA backed global voice footprint - all from a single cloud platform.
    App/Bot Vendors
    Browser Extension Vendors
    Direct Routing Vendors
    Fundemental Issue
    Alters the Teams User Experience.

    Still requires vendor apps for desktop and mobile for calling and other features.
    Alters the Teams User Experience.

    Still requires vendor apps for desktop and mobile for calling and other features.

    Is browser dependent and only works in a browser.
    Many expensive hybrid options requiring separate MSPs for hosting the Microsoft certified SBC infrastructure and the carriers for PSTN and calling.
    Vendor Examples
    NICE InContact
    LogMeIn (Jive)
    Compliance is a way to do business … not an afterthought when clients need it.
    The Evolve IP Compliance Cloud
    Evolve IP has a dedicated compliance and security practice and work with two of the world's top 3rd-party compliance auditors, Grant Thornton and Ernst & Young, to enable customers to extend their compliance to our fully audited cloud. This focus allows us to deliver the documentation and assurances that other's simply cannot including HIPAA / HITRUST, PCI-DSS (all 12 sections), SOC 2/3 and more. The Compliance CloudTM includes true client isolation, encryption in transit and at rest, private VLANs, firewalls and dozens of other security measures..

    It's OUR business to keep your COLLABORATION running smoothly.
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