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About Xeta Group

At Xeta Group we come to work every day because we want to solve your biggest technology challenges. and to help you ensure agility by leveraging digital transformation for Business Continuity. We could tell you we have 30-years of experience, we are world-class, and we are the best at everything, and we all know that will not solve your problems.

At Xeta Group we work hard everyday to earn the right to be called a trusted advisor and the only assumption we make is that each customer is uniquely different. Our objective is to understand your challenges, and business outcomes that are specific to your organization. We will work in partnership with you to develop a plan that will overcome these challenges and meet your intended goals while advancing your desired business outcomes.

We help organizations solve their technology challenges by providing the top solutions from our industry leading partners like Avaya, Mitel, RingCentral, 8x8, VeloCloud and many others. These partners are vetted for their ability to execute well against their current vision, are well positioned for tomorrow and provide exceptional business value for our customers.

We are committed to establishing relationships with the top partners to bring business value to our customers. We continue to earn the priviledge as your trusted advisor and a valued partner, and we look forward to long-term customer relationships for years to come.

Why Work With Xeta Group?

Xeta Group will act as your customer advocate and work to earn the right to be a trusted advisor. Provider reps may not always act in your best interests. They are compensated by the amount you spend and are limited to the products and services of one provider. They may be pushed to sell certain products, even if they're not the best fit for your business. Xeta Group looks for ways to save you money and reach YOUR goals because they need to show their value and they know your long term trust is critical.

Xeta Group has experience with multiple providers and will provide you with independent information. We can help you select the provider and product set that best meets your specific needs and communicate both the advantages and limitations of each provider.

The vast network Xeta Group accesses allows us to turn around a solution in short order, allowing for quick execution. This can prevent costly missteps your organization may make when in a pinch for a snap decision.

Xeta Group can save you time, free up your staff and in turn save you money. We can inventory your existing business phone lines and internet services, conduct audits and they know what questions to ask and what to look for. Xeta Group can take the time to present many options to you in an orderly fashion. Even if you already know the provider of service or product you want to purchase, we can facilitate the project; from paperwork, to technical interpretation, to delivery and install.

Xeta Group drives competitive bidding. Product and service providers linked to you by a customer advocate like Xeta Group always know that they need to lead with their best offer, because the provider knows they may be about to enter a competitive ring of bids.

Xeta Group is a long-term partner with our customers. As your business changes, we will be with you to ensure your technology is in step with your business and even track your contracts to help you receive the best care possible.
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