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A complete cloud contact center solution that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with agents, employees and customers.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center

A complete cloud contact center solution that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with agents, employees and customers.

  • Boost engagement, collaboration and operational effectiveness for customer success
  • Design better experiences, activate agent potential and support new ways of working
  • Explore patterns and trends, extract meaningful insights and act with confidence
  • Reduce IT dependency and ensure ongoing success with a reliable and secure platform
8x8 Contact Center Features
Omnichannel Routing
Stay ahead of changing customer expectations.
Stay ahead of changing customer expectations with complete voice and digital channel support, intelligent routing and proactive self-service options.

  • Create winning experiences with fast, responsive customer connections across any channel
  • Collaborate with the right people inside your organization to resolve customer issues the first time
  • Put customers in control of their experience with agent supported or self-service options
  • Reduce agent and administrative effort with intuitive, AI-powered solutions
8x8 Cloud Contact Center
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Intelligent IVR
Quickly and easily connect your customer with your most qualified agent to ensure the optimal experience.
Empower your agents and personalize the customer experience.
Predictive Dialer
Complete more customer interactions and make your teams even more efficient.
Digital Channels
No matter how your customers contact you, your team can respond quickly through one consolidated platform.
Virtual Agent
Improve customer service and contact center efficiency by automating basic transactions.
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)
Simplify scheduling and forecasting for optimum results.
8x8 Cloud Contact Center
Ensure your team is delivering great customer experiences across all channels with a powerful combination of adaptive quality management and workforce management solutions.

    • Spend more time coaching and less time analyzing to stay tightly connected with your team while driving results further, faster.
    • Pinpoint opportunity areas with advanced analytics and data visualization tools.
    • Gather customer feedback with surveys immediately following interactions.
    • Minimize operational effort by forecasting and managing intraday staffing changes.
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    Quality Management
    Evaluate the quality of customer interactions, enabling your contact center to consistently meet or exceed customer and company expectations.
    Speech Analytics
    Empower your contact center managers with actionable insights on their team's performance so you can optimize customer experiences.
    Workforce Management
    Reduce the effort you spend predicting volume, developing schedules and hands-on, mid-shift coaching
    Customer Surveys
    Help your agents grow and improve with actionable insights delivered directly from your customers.
    Contact Center Analytics
    Drive Insights To Optimize Customer Experiences.
    8x8 Analytics for Contact Center empowers contact center managers with customizable reports that highlight the status of critical performance metrics, driving insights needed to optimize customer experiences.

    • Minimize effort in managing and monitoring your contact center with automatic identification of key trends or activities across employees, teams and customer behavior.
    • Define custom metrics that enable you to easily extract data specific to your needs to shorten the time and effort to identify and act on insights.
    • Act faster with instant, automatic notifications when any performance metric is off target for an instance or as a trending issue.
    • Easily customize reports to highlight specific focal areas, making it easy to see what is working and what needs adjustments to deliver a CX competitors can't match.
    8x8 Cloud Contact Center
    Insights To Drive Your Business
    Customer Experience Analytics
    Quickly identify opportunities for improving CX with advanced search and intuitive navigation from the big-picture to detailed insights.

    Speech Analytics
    Gain insight from every conversation with ease. Empower your contact center managers with actionable insights about their team's performance, and ensure optimal customer experiences.
    Customer Engagement
    Design superior customer experiences with an open communications platform.
    8x8 Cloud Contact Center
    Deliver superior customer experiences with the best, most robust communication tools in the industry.

    • Ensure all customer data is protected and easily accessible to contact center agents.
    • Simplify effort to personalize conversations with relevant customer information.
    • Improve NPS by immediately understanding customer history and likely intent.
    • Reduce costs and technology constraints with an all-in-one contact center solution.
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    8x8 CRM
    8x8 CRM is a native application embedded within the agent interface to consolidate your contact center tools and customer record data to simplify agent effort.
    8x8 Secure Pay
    8x8 Secure Pay is a payment processing tool that enables contact centers to simply and securely handle payment authorizations as required to move toward overall compliance needs.
    8x8 App & Software Integrations
    Communications Solutions To Grow Your Business
    Bring voice, video and chat to the applications you use every day.
    8x8 Cloud Contact Center
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