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What is Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice?

In one word? Productivity! Adding an enterprise PBX with PSTN dial tone (a.k.a direct routing), to Microsoft Teams enables businesses to take their team productivity and user experience to a new level. 8x8 does this with proprietary IP that enables us to continuously add unique applications and features no other provider has.

Small businesses, mid-market and enterprise organizations have different needs…needs that cannot be met by Microsoft Phone system alone. 8x8 delivers a native integrated platform integration that optimizes end-user experience vs. a bot, an app or a third-party software that is cumbersome and less intuitive.
Direct Routing enables new enterprise voice options in Microsoft Teams
What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?
Direct Routing is a capability of Phone System in Office 365 to help customers connect their SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams. In the simplest deployment model, customers start with SIP trunks from their telecommunications provider. Next, customers will use and configure a supported Session Border Controller (SBC) from one of our certified partners. Finally, they will connect their SBC to Microsoft Teams and Phone System.
microsoft teams direct routing configuration
Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Configuration (primary)
Besides the primary Direct Routing scenario, customers will want to use this capability to integrate with other 3rd party voice applications. There are several additional scenarios:

Easy Transition to Calling in Teams. By integrating with an existing PBX, pilot users can be moved to Calling in Teams while users remain on their legacy PBX. Eventually all users can be easily transitioned to Calling in Teams. The call traffic between these users during the transition stay within the organization.

Telephony System Inter/Op. While users are being transitioned to Calling in Teams, Call Center agents can continue to use their application. Direct Routing enables both use cases to coexist. The call traffic between call center agents and Teams users stay within the organization.

Support for Analog Devices. If an organization decides to move to Calling in Teams but has analog devices such as elevator phones or overhead pagers, these devices can be connected to Teams and Phone System via Direct Routing. Call traffic between analog devices and Teams users stay within the organization.

It's important to note that Direct Routing is designed to work with Microsoft Teams. Customers using Skype for Business Online should continue to use Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) or connect via or a on-premises SFB Pool for their SIP trunk connection needs.
This is the enterprise communications solution that Microsoft Teams customers have been looking for.
How Does 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams Work?
With a global infrastructure leveraging Microsoft Direct Routing certified SBCs across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams connects to a customer's Microsoft tenant, providing that customer with PSTN connectivity in 38+ different countries worldwide.

8x8 Voice for Teams has two core components:

  • An orchestration layer that maps Microsoft Teams users to 8x8 Users and configures the Microsoft Teams tenant on behalf of the customer. The orchestration component abstracts the customer from needing to manage/setup Direct Routing/SBCs, policies etc. within Microsoft Teams

  • The Telephony component processes the calling between 8x8 and Teams and between Teams and PSTN. This component leverages Microsoft Direct Routing certified SBCs across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams connected to a customer's Microsoft tenant.
microsoft teams enterprise voice
End users can retain their preferred Microsoft Teams interface - desktop app, web app or the mobile app to make and receive calls seamlessly via the 8x8 infrastructure with no other app to download, install or manage. They can centralize all their collaboration interactions - internal and external in the Teams apps.
Why Choose 8x8?
The 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution integrates telephony natively with other applications and business applications such as CRM apps. Deployed in the cloud, it removes the key obstacles associated with implementation of 3rd party communications solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Teams:

  1. CIOs and IT managers no longer need to manage a telecom infrastructure on premise which typically requires infrastructure investments in SBCs and other equipment and networking services along with the retention of specialized resources to implement and manage. Total cost of ownership is significantly cheaper for customers because 8x8 owns and manages all of the infrastructure associated with connecting to the customer's Microsoft Phone System tenant
  2. The total cost of ownership using 8x8's cloud communications service is demonstrably lower compared to more expensive dedicated or shared managed service providers that also offer Direct Routing integrations with Microsoft Teams.
  3. 8x8 offers centralized management and administration of an organization's entire user base, including employees that are Microsoft Teams members. In the case of Microsoft Teams members, administrators can sync MS Teams/8x8 users through an integration with Active Directory that simplifies moves, adds and changes and also supports single sign-on capabilities so MS Teams users are automatically authenticated and logged in to their 8x8 communications account when the log into Teams.
  4. Because this is a Direct Routing integration, no bots need to be downloaded and added to the MS Teams bot framework and no client or browser plugins are required either. Users can benefit from the exact same user experience when making calls, either from the desktop app, the mobile app or the browser app. This eliminates the need for any special retraining of existing MS Teams users as well as any modification to onboarding programs for new users.
    What Else Does 8x8 For Microsoft Teams Offer Out Of The Box?
    In addition to the underlying communications platform, 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution also provides some value-added capabilities that significantly differentiate the service from what other BYO telco and managed service providers are offering.
      Native Business Application Integrations
      Native integrations with 35 different business applications such as Salesforce, allowing for call screen synchronization and logging of call information along with a link to the call recording as a task or activity.
        microsoft teams voice integration
        Native Contact Center Integration and Applications
        Native contact center integration with a full complement of contact center applications including IVR, inbound and outbound contact center, workforce optimization, and call screen synchronization.
          microsoft teams contact center
          End to End Analytics for Microsoft Teams Calls on 8x8
          End to End Analytics for Microsoft Teams Calls on 8x8 End to end analytics for Microsoft Teams calls connected on the 8x8 network, with full insight into calling metrics and activity history as well as any call recordings.
            microsoft teams call analytics
            Microsoft Phone System License
            8x8 Positioning Against Competitor Solutions
            8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution is highly differentiated from other Direct Routing vendor solutions because it is the only truly single vendor solution with an intuitive centralized management interface for adding Microsoft Teams users. Unlike competitor solutions, there is no need for IT to create complicated PowerShell scripts and there are no SBC or SIP trunking requirements. End users have a native Teams user experience across their devices without any additional training or the need to install third party apps, bots or browser extensions. In contrast to other vendors, 8x8 Voice for Teams includes a native contact center, end-to-end analytics, out-of-the box CRM and Business Apps integrations and SLA backed global voice footprint - all from a single cloud platform.
            App/Bot Vendors
            Browser Extension Vendors
            Direct Routing Vendors
            Fundemental Issue
            Alters the Microosft Teams Voice User Experience.

            Still requires vendor apps for desktop and mobile for calling and other features.
            Alters the Microosft Teams Voice User Experience.

            Still requires vendor apps for desktop and mobile for calling and other features.

            Is browser dependent and only works in a browser.
            Many expensive hybrid Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice options requiring separate MSPs for hosting the Microsoft certified SBC infrastructure and the carriers for PSTN and calling.
            Microsoft Teams Enterprise
            Voice Vendor Examples
            NICE InContact
            LogMeIn (Jive)
            8x8 Voice For Teams FAQ
            These 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice FAQ Responses Are Subject to Change Due To The Rapid Enhancements To The Microsoft Teams Voice Solution.
            When Will 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice Be Available?
            • Proof of Concept Proof of concepts for the 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution are starting May 11th, 2020 for a handful of strategic accounts and prospects. If you have a customer or prospect that is interested in engaging in a POC, please contact 8x8 for details.
            • Limited Availability 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution will begin shipping on June 30th, 2020 as a limited availability SKU. This means that it will be orderable, but only in the 38 countries 8x8 has a PSTN presence.
            • General Availability General availability of 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution will happen sometime in September of 2020 with all countries supported.
            How is Microsoft Teams presence handled with 8x8?
            As 8x8 currently has no visibility into Microsoft Teams presence information, users can still receive calls when they are not available, whether they set that manually or if they are on a Teams call or in a Teams meeting.

            With the availability of new Microsoft presence APIs, 8x8 is looking at adding reciprocal presence indication as part of the 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice product roadmap.
            Is Microsoft Teams voicemail compatible with 8x8 voicemail?
            Currently No. Microsoft Teams voicemail will be turned off to allow calls to route to 8x8 voicemail.
            How will customers who choose 8x8 voicemails be able to retrieve and listen to those voicemails?
            In cases where 8x8 is used to capture voicemails, those voicemails will be delivered via email. They are not available to be viewed in the MS Teams client.
            Can calls using 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution be recorded?
            Any call that uses the 8x8 network can be recorded (Teams to/from PSTN, Teams to/from 8x8). Microsoft Teams user to Microsoft Teams user calls cannot be recorded.
            Are there any limitations associated with call transfers?
            Cyrrently most call transfer operations will work with two notable exceptions:

            • Transfers to Call Queue extensions are not currently supported
            • Transfers to Ring Group extensions are not currently supported
            This is not supported due to the mechanism used by Microsoft to perform the consultative transfer.
            How long does it take to synchronize Microsoft Teams users with 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice so that they can begin taking calls?
            While the user sync process is quick and straightforward in the administrator UI, it may take several days to sync to sync users so that they are live on 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution.

            There are a few reasons for this:

            • Microsoft Office 365 requires that users be synced serially, to ensure the synchronization process goes smoothly, For thousands of users, that could take several days to sync all users. This is not something 8x8 can change.
            • The 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice synchronization process uses scripted Powershell to create users and scripted processes that error out under certain conditions may be retried again as a way to make it easier for the admin prior to stopping and notifying the admin that there was a synchronization error.
            Are there any limitations with extension dialing in 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice?
            Currently Yes. Although you can dial any 8x8 extension in Microsoft Teams, it's important to note 3 limitations associated with extension dialing:

            • Teams to Teams user calls will not be monitored, recorded or reported on by 8x8 even though they may look and feel like extension calls to a user
            • Transfer to Call Queue extensions is not currently supported
            • Transfer to Ring Group extensions is not currently supported
            What limitations are there in capturing information in Virtual Office Analytics?
            In general, any call placed or received in Microsoft Teams that touches the 8x8 network will be captured and available in Virtual Office Analytics. Information that will not be captured in Virtual Office Analytics includes:

            • Calls placed between Microsoft Teams users
            • Device Status / Call Quality information for Microsoft Teams endpoints
            Does 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice support call quality analytics?
            Currently No. As the endpoints used are Microsoft Teams endpoints (soft clients or Microsoft Teams phones) 8x8 cannot monitor the quality of those endpoints. Microsoft does provide some statistics on the quality over the Teams to O365 portion of the call.
            What limitations exist when it comes to business applications integrations such as CRM integrations?
            The following features are not available when using Microsoft Teams along with 8x8 and any CRM or other business application:

            • Auto Answer on outbound is not possible
            • Answer button from Maestro does not answer calls.
            Is 8x8 Call Park supported?
            Teams users will not be able to leverage 8x8 Call Park.
            Is roaming supported?
            Yes. When a user is roaming outside their configured location, media will route back to the nearest SBC of their configured location.
            How is speech analytics supported in 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice?
            Speech analytics is a feature available as part of 8x8's Contact Center solution. Calls handled by 8x8 CC can be recorded and analyzed via speech analytics. As Speech Analytics is released for UC use cases this will be available for 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice UC users also.
            Are 8x8 phone devices supported?
            Users can have an 8x8 supported phone device. For Teams to Teams calls only MS Certified Devices will ring, standard 8x8 provided devices will not
            I have a SIP Phone Device, Can I Repurpose This for 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice?
            Yes you can. Follow these instructions to update the device to work with 8x8. Please see "Are 8x8 phone devices supported?" for more information on how 8x8 phones operate for a Voice for Microsoft Teams user.
            Are analog phone devices supported?
            Yes, analog devices are supported for any 8x8 user. Standalone 8x8 users who have an analog phone can call out to and receive calls from MS Teams users who are using 8x8 Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution.
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