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Why Workspaces By Evolve IP?

With Evolve IP's Workspaces, employees can work anywhere – securely accessing all of your company's systems and applications. Best of all, it's user-friendly. All of the technology they need to do their job works the same way, no matter what device associates choose, and there's no need for cumbersome VPNs.

Here are five key reasons you should contact Xeta Group for a demo today:

  • Better, More-Affordable Solution – deliver just the tools your users need reducing costs 40% compared to traditional virtual desktop solutions.
  • Consistent User Experience on Every Device – mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.
  • Secure Your Workforce – with Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Fully Compliant – HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI, SOC2 + GDPR
  • Vendor Acclaimed – VMware's #1 DaaS provider in the world and a Microsoft Gold CSP
Evolve IP, the Industry's Leading DaaS Provider

What is Workspaces By Evolve IP?

Today, having a cloud desktop with a Windows OS for each associate is overkill.

There's a better way … Evolve IP Workspaces.

Evolve IP Workspaces, a Gartner-noted virtual desktop / DaaS solution, delivers just the applications employees need, based on their business profile.

For example, you can assign:

  • SaaS profiles for employees that only use Web applications like Office 365 and Salesforce.com.
  • Line-of-business profiles for associates that need to access legacy software such as Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Cloud Desktop profiles for power users that require a full Windows OS.
Or mix and match your profiles and applications! Regardless, all of your users are secured with SSO and MFA and the technology they need works the same way no matter what device they choose or where they are.

Delivering DaaS in this way dramatically reduces costs compared to traditional virtual desktop solutions, and with our self-service tools and provisioning portal, IT becomes much more efficient. Provide a tailored virtual desktop solution from Evolve IP and make work better for your employees and IT.

Secure Identity and Access Management

Evolve IP's Workspaces leverages Clearlogin, our Identity and Access Management platform, which secures over 200,000 users around the globe every day.

With Clearlogin, users only need to remember one password so IT can rest easy knowing that they have applied appropriate password strength and lockout rules across applications. Plus, with our self-service password feature, IT can essentially eradicate helpdesk requests for password assistance.

Virtual Desktop Use Cases

IT Professionals
IT Professionals Use Case
Employees are working everywhere, all of the time, on just about every device you can imagine. Workspaces, Evolve IP's virtual desktop solution, allows IT to provide access to all of the business applications and systems employees need, improve user and device security, and simplify IT task management.

  • Deliver Only the Tools Your Users Need – Save your company money. Evolve IP's platform allows IT to deliver SaaS, legacy line-of-business software, or full cloud desktops; purpose-built around user profiles.
  • Enable self-service – Our identity management service dramatically reduces password resets. Get back time for projects that grow the business.
  • Provision in minutes not hours – Easily manage users, applications, and services from a portal. Employee and contractor onboarding and terminations are simplified and accelerated.
  • Speed up rollouts – new applications and services are applied without having to 'touch' each employee device. Eliminate or decrease the patching and updating of software and hardware.

Business Use Case
To grow your business your associates must be more productive than ever and you have to be able to attract top talent. Evolve IP's virtual desktop solution will improve your top and bottom line and keep you competitive.

  • Lower costs – Employees are provided with just the tools they need to do their jobs. Evolve IP's Desktop-as-a-Service eliminates the need to purchase and support unnecessary hardware and software.
  • Expand hiring capabilities – Provide complete flexibility for home and mobile workers. Improve your employees' work-life harmony.
  • Leverage employee devices – Easily implement and support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy that keeps employees secure, happy, and more productive.
  • Improve M&A Results – capitalize on M&A by integrating new employees and systems faster.
  • Increase security – With Evolve IP virtual desktops, and the Evolve IP Compliance Cloud™, security and compliance are assured and your sensitive application data is protected.
Employee Use Case
Employee Use Case

70% of all employees are now working remotely and it's projected that 50%+ will continue with remote work for the foreseeable future.

Evolve IP's DaaS solution allows businesses to take advantage of this shift, capitalizing on productivity improvements that will improve your business.

  • Simplify Access – Every employee gets a secure personal 'home page' and a single network password. Via their portal, associates access just the applications they need to do their job, all on the device(s) of their choice.
  • Logging in has never been easier – Employees will be thrilled when you eliminate their painful and slow corporate network access.
  • Work+Life = Harmony – Employees can work how and where they want; contributing to the business and collaborating with other associates in ways that improve productivity, all while meeting their lifestyle needs.

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