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Business-grade wireless internet connectivity, virtually any time, any place in the U.S.
See how Wireless Broadband can work as a primary or failover connection, how it can prioritize connections for your applications, connect remote sites, and is a cost-effective solution for your business.

What Is Wireless Broadband And How Does It Work?

What Is Wireless Broadband?
No cable? No problem. Wireless Broadband Internet helps you be ready for business any time, virtually any place in the U.S. with speeds up to 100 Mbps in selected coverage areas. Operating across the 4G LTE spectrum and 5G footprint, Wireless Broadband is ideal for organizations that want to be ready today for the digital revolution.

Cloud transformation, new business applications, visitor connectivity and connected devices are putting increasing pressure on traditional Internet connectivity capabilities, organizations need to ensure their employees stay connected wherever business takes them. A highly-flexible networking solution, Wireless Broadband is ideal for organizations with complex or varied high-speed wireless needs—such as backup and redundancy or store-within-a-store opportunity.

How Wireless Broadband Works.
Choose Wireless Broadband when cable or satellite connections are costly, inconvenient or unavailable. Once ordered, a service provider will ship your router with an activated SIM installed to your new office, store – wherever business takes you. Opening the box to open for business is only a matter of minutes.

Wireless broadband services are similar to wired broadband in that they connect to an internet backbone, usually a fiber-optic trunk; however they don't use cables to connect to the last mile or businesss. Usually, you'll find Wireless Broadband Internet where other means are impossible. There is no cable internet, and the mobile internet is either non-existent or very slow.

When a carrier decides to wire up a community to wireless internet, it sets up towers in elevated areas around the town. These will transmit and receive data from the customers and businesses that use it. Then, the tower has to be hooked up to the internet. If the town isn't too rural, it may be possible to wire up the tower to a fiber-optic cable. This would be a lot cheaper and more convenient than wiring up the entire town.
How Wireless Broadband Works
How Wireless Broadband Works
What Is Wireless Failover And How Does It Work?
What Is Wireless Failover?
Wireless backup solution maintains your Internet connection if your provider's circuit fails, for any reason – severe weather, cable damage, downed telephone lines, etc. Wireless failover protection automatically detects issues with your primary connection and provides 4G LTE network connectivity to avoid services interruptions at an affordable price.

Today's businesses demand reliable, continuous Internet connections for day-to-day operations with cloud-based applications and enterprise communications. Since no connection can deliver 100% network uptime, it's not a matter of if your network will experience downtime, but rather how to minimize network downtime.

How Wireless Failover Works.
Wireless Failover automatically provides your business with the continuous connection you need to conduct business efficiently and effectively. In the event of a service outage, A Wireless Failover solution instantly detects loss of uptime and automatically fails over to your 4G LTE wireless network.

Any systems connected to the network continue to operate at 4G LTE wireless speeds, keeping your business running and your customers happy. When the primary network is restored, then it will fail back to the primary network once it is confirmed secure. All this, with absolutely no effort required by your on-site personnel.
How Wireless Broadband Failover Works
LTE Failover
Benefits Of Wireless Broadband
Enterprise-grade wireless that works with your business
Nationwide Coverage
98% of population in U.S. covered
Great for businesses on the go – food trucks, gig workers, insurance adjusters.
Kiosks, pop-up stores and trade show booths can cut the cable and go wireless.
Consistent connectivity for construction sites, franchisees, disaster recovery teams.
Data Prioritization
Some providers will provide options for priority treatment of your business-critical applications
Parallel Network
Can be implemented for failover implemented for failover needs or to segment critical and non-critical data. Have a highly dependable backup connection for times when your wired connection is in high-demand or there's a failure.
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